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       from a dream to reality...       


 A little over a year ago, in the beginning of COVID-19, we began working for a CBD manufacturer. During this time we became fascinated with the wonders of CBD. Being able to learn about CBD in such an immersive environment has given us the knowledge to guide and help others heal with CBD. As a young couple ourselves who struggle with medical issues; Fibromyalgia, dislodged spinal discs, and fractured hips. We know all to well what it is like to experience pain every single day and get tired of taking prescription medication. CBD has replaced all the medications we used to have to take to manage our pain and has healed most of our pains. Our main focus has been to educate others about CBD and all of its benefits. 

We began creating our pet line in order to help our beautiful Dog after she had undergone three major surgeries. Our puppy Miss Weenie underwent all these surgeries before the age of one. In order to help Miss Weenie heal and have a pain free recovery we created the pet peanut butter. We saw the change in her almost instantly, we figured if we could help our own dog their are thousands of other dogs that can benefit from our CBD as well.

Our mission is to provide high quality, effective, and affordable products to all communities and persons. By using fully organic ingredients and remaining environmentally conscious, we are here to not only help people but also our planet. All while aiming towards making CBD accessible to those who need it and educate those who can benefit from it.

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